Big Shot by Kim Karr

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Big Shot -Book Info

Title: Big Shot

Author: Kim Karr

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: July 27, 2017

Cover Designer: Michele Catalano – Creative

Model: Mitchell Wick

Photographer: Wong Sim

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Big Shot - About book

BIG SHOT_Amazon To believe one person can change your destiny sounds absurd. But it happened to me… twice.

Ten years ago I had no idea what I wanted out of life, until I met Hannah Michaels. She was a computer-engineering student ready to conquer the social media world, and I was smitten. Even though I knew she was taken, I had to have her.

Being the big shot that I was, I didn’t let her status stand in my way. It wasn’t long before my hands were on her thighs and my name a whisper on her lips. This smart, sexy girl inspired me to greatness, helped me grow into the kind of man I never knew I wanted to be. The man I am today.

Too bad I hadn’t grown fast enough to keep her.

Moving on wasn’t easy, but I knew I had to let her go. Eventually, I found someone to share my days and nights with, and together we had a daughter. My life was nearly perfect until my world turned upside down.

A single father has challenges, and one of those is learning how to calmly deal with your child coming home in tears. I had no idea the day I pounded on my daughter’s classmate’s door, Hannah would be the one standing on the other side.

The wild, burning desire that rushed through my veins was unwanted, and yet impossible to ignore. Letting her in meant so much more this time around. Guilt hit me like a hammer. I hated myself. I hated her. The problem was I really didn’t hate her—I wanted her more than ever.

But this time around, I can’t have her.

This time it’s my status that stands in our way—and going up against myself just might be the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

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Big Shot - About author

Kim Karr is a New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author.

She grew up in Rochester, NY and now lives in Florida with her husband and four kids. She’s always had a love for reading books and writing. Being an English major in college, she wanted to teach at the college level but that was not to be. She went on to receive an MBA and became a project manager until quitting to raise her family. Kim currently works part-time with her husband and recently decided to embrace one of her biggest passions–writing.

Kim wears a lot of hats! Writer, book-lover, wife, soccer-mom, taxi driver, and the all around go-to person of her family. However, she always finds time to read. One of her favorite family outings was taking her kids when they were little to the bookstore or the library. Today, Kim’s oldest child is seventeen and no longer goes with her on these, now rare and infrequent, outings. She finds that she doesn’t need to go on them anymore because she has the greatest device ever invented–a Kindle.

Kim likes to believe in soul mates, kindred spirits, true friends, and Happily-Ever-Afters. She loves to drink champagne, listen to music, and hopes to always stay young at heart.

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The Wrong Kind of Compatible by Kadie Scott


Data analyst Cassie Howard may be brilliant (and, okay, a little awkward), but she’s worked hard to get where she is. She definitely doesn’t need some sexy new analyst coming in and taking credit for her work. Or the inappropriate thoughts that keep popping out of her mouth she’d rather he not hear.
For undercover FBI agent Drew Kerrigan, computers have always made more sense than people, but he’d better develop some slick social skills in a hurry if he’s going to win over the too-tantalizing-for-his-sanity Cassie. Hacking their systems was easy. Now he’s just got to hack the one person in the company most likely to see through his ruse…

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I love a good geeky, awkward relationship book and The Wrong Kind of Compatible was full of fun awkwardness and sexy, geek filled fun.

Cassie is a genius. She’s use to working by herself and people looking to her for answers. She’s the coding queen and very happy with that position at her job. So she’s a little taken aback at the sight of Drew, a new employee who will be working with her on coding but is drop dead gorgeous…Geeks can be cute but not GQ gorgeous like Drew!

But Drew has a secret – that’s he’s really uncover investigating Cassie and the company she works for, for cyber crimes. What he never expected was the instant connection and underlying sexual tension between the two of them.

As Drew gets to know Cassie, he knows deep down that she can’t be the one stealing the information but there’s only way to know for sure and that’s to get as close as he can to her, get her to trust him. What happens next, is pure entertaining fun.

I loved Drew and Cassie together from the start. Two socially awkward people who have this spark that neither really knows what to do with. This was a quick fun read that I really wanted to see more of. Having found my own Geek Prince Charming, I love these type of books that show that there’s more out there than billionaires and rock stars.



Award-winning contemporary romance author, Kadie Scott, grew up consuming books and exploring the world through her writing. She attempted to find a practical career related to her favorite pastime by earning a degree in English Rhetoric (Technical Writing). However, she swiftly discovered that writing without imagination is not nearly as fun as writing with it. No matter the genre, she loves to write witty, feisty heroines, sexy heroes who deserve them, and a cast of lovable characters to surround them (and maybe get their own stories). She currently resides in Austin, Texas, with her own personal hero, her husband, and their two children, who are growing up way too fast.
Connect: Site | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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Damage Control by Eva King

Recovering from a broken relationship, Emma Mitchell moves in with her best friend. Her life is quiet and uneventful, just how she likes it. Little does she know that the events of the following months will change her life forever.

Famous Hollywood actor James McNair is a renowned womanizer with a penchant for partying and hitting the tabloids for all the wrong reasons. When a night of partying a little too hard means he finally has to take stock and reevaluate his lifestyle, a week away from the flashing lights of Hollywood is just what he needs. What better place to hide than in his childhood home in Edinburgh, Scotland?

When the old friends are reunited, feelings resurface and sparks fly. But James must keep the pretence of his new persona until the premier of his biggest film in his career. He just has no idea if he’ll be able to keep his feelings for Emma under wraps until then.

Sometimes it takes more than damage control to find a happily ever after.

Author: Eva King
Title: Damage Control
Release Date: May 27, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
Cover Designer: Claire Smith
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I could feel my head spin with the amount of information and with everything that was expected of me. It was a bit too much. I needed time off.

Without hesitation, I said, “I need a break. One week, that’s all I’m asking. I promise I’ll behave.”

Neither of them agreed, but they didn’t disagree either. After looking at each other, Michael was the first one to speak.

“James, you have a week to get your bearings. Please, do not fuck this up,” Michael advised.

“Scout’s honour,” I said, lifting my hands in surrender.

Jack and Michael left the room, leaving me seated on the sofa where I was slouching minutes before.

“I’m going to get something to eat. Do you want anything?” Ralph asked, standing at the door, ready to leave.

“No, I’m okay. Thanks, man.”

I sat, planning what to do for a week. Maybe a nice spa to recharge the batteries? Should I stay in the UK or head back to the US?

That was when I remembered the interview mentioning my first kiss.


My childhood friend, my neighbour, and my first crush.

It made me wonder if she watched it. I wondered if she still lived in the same place and what she was doing at that exact moment.

Looking for my mobile phone, I googled her name, and a picture of our class in high school showed up.

Tracing her face with my thumb, my chest constricted. She was so beautiful. With my gaze firmly focussed on her image, I knew exactly what to do for my week. I just needed to call the only person who would know how to find her.

My mum.


James is in need of some damage control. Being on of the newest “hot” stars on the scene, he’s taken full advantage of the perks to being a celebrity, but his team thinks he’s taken it just a little too far. So James decides to take a step back before going into full on “Mr. Charming” in the public eye… charity events, a fake girlfriend to make everyone think he’s settled down. He never expected when looking up his old childhood friend, that he would still have the same feeling for the pretty redhead who lived next door, that he had a terrible crush on as a teen and was juts as beautiful now as she was then.

The last person Emma thought she would see when visiting her parents was James McNair. What was he doing here? Wasn’t he a world famous actor now? What could he possible want to do with a girl who’s biggest aspirations was being a cashier at the local supermarket. Although she’s still mad at him for moving off to America and never trying to reach her again, she was happy to see her childhood friend.

As they spend the week together, James realizes that the feelings he had for Emma are still there. He needs to tell her that he tried to keep in touch, that he thinks he still has feelings for her, but he also knows that she doesn’t deserve the scrutiny of living in the limelight. But he’s not leaving this time without having a way of getting a hold of her.

I loved James. Once he straightened up and saw Emma again, he was sweet and funny and I loved the chemistry between him and Emma. The two were meant to be and I loved the prologue and the flashbacks to when they were kids. I am a sucker for second-chance romance and this one is sweet without a lot of drama, which I loved.

This is the first book I’ve read by Eva King and I definitely will be adding more of her books to my TBR,



Eva King was born in Spain. During her teenage years, she moved with her mother to Scotland, where she fell in love with the culture and one of its men.
She now lives in Barcelona with her husband, two children and a cat called Hamish.


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Called Out by Jen Doyle

Fans of Jill Shalvis should prepare to swoon over Jack and Lola’s HEA.


A Calling It Novel
Jen Doyle
Releasing May 29, 2016
Carina Press


Jack “Ox” Oxford is used to being alone. Granted, when you screw over your friends, being alone isn’t always a choice. Playing for the Chicago Watchmen is a last-ditch effort to save his career…and right some of his past wrongs. He’s not expecting a warm reception, but he’s also not expecting a flat tire to change everything.

Recovering control freak, single mom and semiprofessional chaos wrangler Lola Deacon McIntire doesn’t need an arrogant ballplayer to swoop in and save her from anything, much less her flat tire. And she definitely doesn’t need her body to betray her and decide this is the guy to wake up her rusty libido. She isn’t about to upset her sons’ lives for any man—much less one who so clearly doesn’t think he’s dad material.

Jack never thought he’d find someone who wanted to build a life with him, but the more time he spends with Lola and her boys, the more it starts to feel permanent. Even tough-as-nails Lola concedes there just might be a future here—the big, beautiful, messy future neither of them was looking for—but only if Jack will accept he deserves it.

Catch up on all the Calling It titles
OMG I think this one is my favorite in the series so far. I absolutely loved Jack and Lola!
The last place that Jack Oxford thought he would ever find himself was in Iowa looking for his ex-best friend Nate. But after the year he just had, he would do anything to be back on the field and even more to have his friend back, even though he knows he’s not worthy of him. So when he runs into Lola McIntire on his way into town, along with her kids and gets the cold shoulder from the beautiful woman, he knows that he has a long road ahead of him.
After being stuck on the side of the road with her four boys and the sexy man she knows as Jack – the Iceman – Oxford pulls up behind her, she knows she should be loyal to her friend Nate, but there are definitely some sparks that are flying between herself and Jack. She can’t help it if her body lights on fire every time he looks at her. I mean it’s been almost 3 years since her husband died and a girl can have a fantasy right? What she never expected was to come face to face with the sexy pitcher again at the house she bought from Nate and finds herself in a battle of the wills – trying to keep herself from giving in to the sexy seductive man who for some reason finds her attractive. He knows she has 4 kids right?
Jack and Lola are explosive together. Their story is full of heart and heartache. Because of Jack’s past, he feels he’s unworthy of love and after Lola’s husband’s death, she feels she’ll never find a love again. These two broken souls heal each other in ways they never thought possible. I loved Jack and his sexy, sultry way of getting under Lola’s skin.
Jen has a way of pulling you in and wrapping you up in characters that make you feel and cheer for them. An absolute favorite series of mine and I can’t wait for more of the Boys of Summer. ❤

At precisely 9:00 a.m. the next morning Lola was sitting in her car outside the farmhouse.

At 9:04, she was still sitting there, a jumble of thoughts, none of them productive or good.

She finally got herself moving when Jack came around from the back and leaned against the side of the house, his arms folded in front of his chest as he watched her. “Glad to see you’re wearing a shirt,” she said, slamming the car door shut and walking toward him.

He smiled and a huge thrum went through her, proving just how bad an idea this arrangement was. “I’ll state for the record that if you ever choose to declare a no-shirts-while-working day,” he said, “I’m all for it.”

She didn’t for a second believe him. He’d been Nate’s best friend since his rookie season; Silas’s favorite player. She’d watched him on and off the field for years and even though she’d already succumbed to it twice she knew that low drawl and easy smile went along with the part he played. He used them on everyone from the grandmothers whose programs he signed to the reporters who interviewed him. Up until this last year, at least.

She resisted rolling her eyes as she replied, “I’ll state for the record it’s unlikely to happen.”

“Well, then, I sure hope you weren’t spending all that time in the car thinking about the clothes I did or didn’t have on,” he answered.

Unfortunately, that was exactly what she’d been thinking about. Or, rather, him in various states of undress, her in the same, and how hot and hard he would feel against her. In danger of giving in, she went with the surefire way to shut that conversation down. “I was thinking about my husband, if you’d truly like to know.”

“About him not wearing a shirt?”

            “Do you really know how to do this kind of stuff?” He was a professional baseball player from Connecticut. Not exactly the guy she’d call to hang a picture, much less help renovate a house. Then again, Nate had put him here to work and Nate generally knew what he was doing.

Still, it didn’t help when Jack gave answers like, “I’ve got a great phone. I can look up how-to videos from pretty much anywhere.”

She frowned at his grin. “You’re really not worried about your hand?” Pissing his father off was one thing; ruining his career another entirely.

 “Don’t you worry,” he said, his smile turning wicked. “My hand works just fine when it needs to.”

Trying not to let on that his smile had hit her right below her belly, she threw her hands up in the air. “Does everything you say have to be some kind of sexual innuendo?”

“I was talking about pitching.” He cocked his head. “Wait, you were talking about sex?”

He wasn’t talking about pitching. She wasn’t that out of practice. But it had been long enough for her to be entirely off her game. The best reply she could come up with was a snorted, “You wish.” Except the second she said it, she snapped her mouth shut, because he looked at her in a way that made her wonder if maybe the whole flirty thing he had going on wasn’t just a way to get under her skin.

No. This was just a game to him; it had to be. He couldn’t seriously be interested.

Except then he swallowed hard and looked away.

Lola’s heart was racing and it felt harder than it should to breathe. But they were both adults here; they each knew exactly how bad an idea it would be to let this go further. And so at the same time they both turned to leave the room. The problem was that they bumped into each other in the process.

“Oh, shit,” he muttered as his hand came down to steady her yet again.

Her thoughts exactly. It was just that it had been so long since she’d touched a man—accidental stumbling excepted—and she wanted so badly to feel that again. He was the wrong person to be thinking this about. Yet she couldn’t stop herself from looking up at him.

Everything was suddenly clearer. Sharper. Even the way he stood, although he hadn’t moved so much as a muscle. His gaze bored into hers, then traveled past her jaw, between her breasts, right down the center of her before coming back up. She felt the heat rise through her, as she dropped her gaze to his lips. She’d done a lot of kissing in her life, but only with Dave. Would Jack taste different? Feel different?

“I’m not a good guy, Lola. You deserve a lot better than me,” he said, his voice gruff as he straightened up a little. But all that did was bring their bodies closer into alignment—close enough for her to feel exactly how aroused he was.

She wasn’t sure what she deserved. She’d been a good wife to her husband. She’d always thought she and Dave deserved to live a long and happy life together. That hadn’t been meant to be. Was it wrong to want so badly to feel a man’s touch, even if it wasn’t Dave’s? To want to touch a man so badly?

“Lola…” he said. Groaned, really. “This is a horrible idea.” But instead of moving away from her, he straightened up all the way, which meant they were now separated only by centimeters. She could feel his heat surrounding her.

“Horrible fucking idea.” This time he spoke more to himself.

But it didn’t stop him, either.

Instead, his hand came up and after a moment of just hanging there, he cupped her jaw, and just the touch of his hand to her skin had her nearly whimpering in longing. This was what it felt like to have a man touch her again. This was what it felt like to have her whole being reawaken. She put her hands on his chest. Everything inside her was humming. Throbbing in the most delicious and frightening of ways. She needed to be listening to what he said because he was absolutely right. And yet she brushed his lips with hers.

He stared down at her for a few seconds as she pulled slightly back. And then in one swift motion, he picked her up and spun them so her back was against the wall as his mouth took possession of hers.

He wasn’t a big fan of kissing women. Fucking them, yes. Being involved in everything else that led up to the fucking, absolutely. But kissing wasn’t his thing. Not like that, at least. Never like that.

A big believer in happily ever afters, Jen Doyle decided it was high time she started creating some. She has an M.S. in Library and Information Science and, in addition to her work as a librarian, has worked as a conference and events planner as well as a Communications and Enrollment administrator in both preschool and higher education environments (although some might say that there is very little difference between the two; Jen has no comment regarding
whether she is one of the “some”).


Counting On You by JC Reed and Jackie Steele

From New York Times Bestselling Author, J.C. Reed, and USA Today Bestselling author, Jackie Steele, comes a sexy, new standalone romantic comedy.

Kaiden Wright and I were never supposed to be roommates.

I was clingy, he was a manwhore. I lived to love, and he lived to play. I dreamed of a white picket fence, and he strived for success.

We couldn’t be more different. Me, a normal nurse, he a successful CEO. I wanted to love while he wanted to run. Yet, despite all our differences, we had one thing in common. We both fought hard for what we wanted.

Kaiden Wright wasn’t my future, and I wasn’t his past, but we had moments. Moments that defined us. Moments that felt as though the present was ours and ours only.

Maybe it wasn’t about ending up together.

Maybe it wasn’t about loving someone so deeply you would do anything for them without expecting anything in return.

We were pulled into each other’s lives like magnets, close enough to kiss, close enough to touch. Stolen secret moments that changed our lives forever.

What will happen when our borrowed time is over?

Author’s note – Counting On You is a full-length standalone novel with no cliffhanger. Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.
 / iBOOKS 


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Meet J.C. Reed
  J.C. Reed is a New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author. She writes steamy contemporary romance with a touch of mystery and suspense. When she’s not typing away on her keyboard, forgetting the world around her, you can find her chatting with her readers on Facebook.

    Meet Jackie Steele

Jackie Steele is a USA Today Bestselling author and a true romantic at heart. Whether reading or writing, Jackie loves dark, emotional stories that twist with your head and take you on a journey. As an ever romantic, she believes in happy endings and true love in all forms, which is reflected in all of her books.

Feel Me by Cecy Robson

 Declan, the sexy, driven
powerhouse meets the one woman immune to his charm . . .

 Declan O’Brien was always driven to take his place among Philly’s elite, working hard for everything he’s earned, including the title of Assistant District Attorney. He’s won seemingly impossible cases, so he’s furious when he’s assigned to lead the one unit he doesn’t want. 

Melissa Fenske was born hearing impaired to a neglectful mother, finding solace when she was adopted by a young attorney, now Declan’s boss. As the current Director of Victim Services, Melissa’s livid when Declan is placed in the main unit she oversees. She can’t forget their disastrous first encounter. Or shake how he makes her feel.

Declan considers the assignment another step toward his political aspirations, despite that he can’t get Melissa out of his mind. Melissa sees Declan as egotistical and self-serving, kicking herself for how fast she’s falling for him. Someone as hot, smooth, and perfect as Declan isn’t supposed to want her.

In another situation with any other woman, Declan wouldn’t hesitate to take Melissa to bed. But she is the boss’s daughter, and for once, Declan finds himself wanting more than just a one night stand.

Neither counted on each other. Both just met their match.

O’Brien Family #4
Cecy Robson
Releasing May 23, 2017


RT Book Reviews proclaims that the O’Brien Family series from award-winning author Cecy Robson “has the hottest brothers ever!” And in FEEL ME, Declan, the sexy, driven powerhouse meets the one woman immune to his charm . . .


I get giddy with a new O’Brien Family novel hits my ereader and I knew that Declan’s story was going to be EPIC and it was!
Declan has a life plan. He wants to become the youngest head of Homicide/District Attorney that Philly has ever seen and he wants to one day become Mayor. And his plan definitely does not include love. He’s fine with the arm candy that graces his arm and his bed from time to time. He’s no fool. He knows that happily ever after doesn’t really exists, no matter what his family have been able to find for themselves. That is until Melissa Fenske comes barreling into his life. Melissa’s father is the current DA and is also needing to take a leave of absence due to illness and there is only one person he wants to step into his shoes… Declan O’Brien. But Melissa is not too happy about the arrogant prosecutor stepping into the roll of Director of Victim Services. But as the two start to work together, sparks start to fly between the two and all of a sudden… Could this really be love?
I loved the dynamic between Declan and Melissa. Kinda a enemy to lover trope. The sparks definitely flew between the two. I wanted to smack Declan a time or two but I loved the story and couldn’t put it down once I started reading. I love this entire series, so if you haven’t started it- now is the time! Each book can be read as a standalone.


I wish I didn’t want to drag my hands along her gorgeous curves or taste that pouty mouth But I do. Just like I want feel her body pressed against mine.

Shit. What the hell is wrong with me? As pissed as I was about being placed in SACU yesterday, I woke up hard this morning. Hard for Melissa. Melissa, who can barely stand being in the same room as me.

My eyes scrunch tight as I try to shake away the dream I had about her. We were at a black tie event, the kind where waiters walk around with silver trays packed with champagne and anyone who’s anyone in politics works the room flexing their egos. I was supposed to give some kind of speech. I opted out, returning my place with Melissa’s hand tight in mine.

We had sex in my living room. I can’t remember ever having a dream this graphic. She lay over my leather ottoman on her hands and knees, the skirt of her black beaded gown hiked up to her waist, my mouth buried against her. I tugged off my jacket and tie, managing to pop open the front of my shirt before I couldn’t take it anymore and shoved my pants and briefs down to my ankles.

In those romance movies women like to watch, my thrusts would have been slow and sweet. But there was nothing slow or sweet about what we did. It was sexy, primal; me grunting hard and her hips circling fast. Her hair fell in messy waves around her heated face as she clamped down, turning her head enough to see me, and show me the sexy way she bites down on her bottom lip.

I wasn’t a gentleman in my dream. I was the epitome of an alpha claiming what belongs to him. She loved it, calling out my name and begging me to go faster.

My problem is, I loved it too. A little too much.

I groan, thinking about how hot she made me and entertaining why she made me so hot. Melissa is different. Curvy hips, round perky ass, with what I’m guessing are some serious double-Ds. I usually date the model types, those who spend more time on their hair, shopping, and make-up and less time on anything that really matters. Why? Because they’re not looking for anything serious, and neither am I.

When I take a long hard look at all the political giants I know, every last one of them has a devoted wife, looking adoringly back at them―standing by them, raising their children, spearheading charities, and working tirelessly on their husbands’ campaigns―usually alongside the skanks their husbands are fucking when they’re not around. I’m not exaggerating. It’s what men of power are almost expected to do. But I swear to Christ, I’m not going to be one of them.



Cecy Robson is an award-winning author of magical realms and to-die-for Alpha heroes. A double RITA® 2016 finalist for Once Pure and Once Kissed, and published author of more than sixteen titles, you can typically find her on her laptop or stumbling blindly in search of caffeine.



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The Nanny Arrangement by Rachel Harris

 Their story would make one heck of a country song.


Soft-spoken and shy Hannah Fisher is determined to make the man she’s loved her entire life finally see her as a woman. With the help of a makeover, a new mission—Operation Find My Happy—and the convenient forced proximity of a tour bus, she vows to win her best friend Deacon’s heart.
Former bad boy and current fiddle player Deacon Latrell has the world at his fingertips: a new gig with a famous band, plus his best friend on tour as his son’s nanny. Life couldn’t get much sweeter. Now if only he could stop imagining kissing the daylights out of his childhood BFF…

With one friend set on pushing the boundaries and the other afraid to rock the boat, one thing’s for certain—their story would make one heck of a country song.

Country Blues #2
Rachel Harris
Releasing May 22, 2017
Entangled Bliss


I adored this book! It was a fun, sweet friends to lovers storyline that had me smiling from the start. Its full of flirty fun that goes from the awkward first step of a romance to full on HEA love. I loved Deacon and Hannah!
Hannah and Deacon have been best friends since their sophomore year in high school. Hannah the shy but misunderstood outcast and Deacon the new kid with the bad boy vibe. Hannah has always had a thing for Deacon and she’s tired of waiting for him to finally open his eyes and see her as more than his BFF.
So when the two go on tour, Deacon in his band and Hannah as the band nanny… she sees this as the opportunity she’s been waiting for. And from there let the fun begin.
I can’t say enough about this book! It can be read as a standalone, although I will be going back to read book one in the series because I need to know how Arabella and Charlie came to be a couple! A quick, fun and flirty sweet read!

Deacon released a heavy breath. Sometimes the right thing felt a hell of a lot like nausea. Resolved with what he had to do, he looked at the door…then slowly dropped his hand.

He’d give it another few minutes.

Calling himself ten shades of coward, he redirected his steps. A hot shower would clear his head. Maybe he’d even pull a Hannah and rehearse what he’d tell her in advance. It always worked for her, helping her control her stutter, and though Deacon didn’t have that particular problem, he was nervous as hell. If her head was even half as muddled as his was, this conversation wouldn’t be easy.

Frustrated, he shoved open the bathroom door harder than necessary. Fog and heavily scented air rushed to greet him, and it took a second for the reason to register. When it did, he came to an abrupt stop with one hand on the doorknob and one foot still in the hall.

Candy and flowers.

As the steam disappeared through the crack in the door, a vision appeared, plucked straight from his recent fantasies. Creamy skin, pink from the shower and wet with liquid drops, topped anything his imagination could’ve conjured. Damp ginger curls clung to a slender throat that was arched back, making a sexy silhouette as full lips trembled in a silent speech to the ceiling. Dark, spiky lashes lay across a flushed cheek, hiding a pair of expressive eyes he’d know anywhere.

Torture, thy name was Hannah.

Gone was the girl he’d known in high school. Erased was the rock he’d depended on in college. The goddess in the shower was a woman, a beautiful woman, with tantalizing curves, shapely legs, and the most incredible smile he’d ever seen.

The arousal flowing through his veins mocked his previous so-called resolve.


Her name came on a choked breath, but Hannah’s eyes snapped open. Smooth skin turned to stone as she stared at the ceiling, wide-eyed, before slanting those green eyes toward him in horror.

“Deacon!” Frantic, she tried to cover her body, slinging one arm over her perfect breasts while reaching for the folded towel on the counter with the other, only to quickly draw back her hand and slap it over her lower half as well.

It was the hardest thing he ever did, keeping his eyes above her waist. Taking one step forward, he grabbed the terrycloth and handed it over, not trusting himself to get any closer. When she took it from his hands, she could hardly look into his eyes. Deacon’s chest gave a hard kick.

Hannah made quick work of the towel, wrapping the terrycloth around her torso and clinging to the edges. She bit her lip and stammered, “Wh-what are y-you doing?”

It wasn’t remotely funny. The reappearance of her stutter meant she was either stressed or anxious, two things he never wanted to be the cause of. But he couldn’t help the laugh that broke free at the innocent question.

A full-bodied, unstoppable laugh that threw his head back with the force of it.

“What am I doing?” he repeated in amusement, hearing the gruffness of his own voice and dragging in a deep, floral-scented breath. “Oh, Cherry… I’m losing my ever-loving mind.”

Describe yourself in five words or less.


Silly, hopeful, romantic, and loyal.


What do you like to do when you aren’t writing?

When I’m not writing, I’m a homeschool mom (my main job and passion in life), so you can usually find me with a book in hand and cuddled with my children. Or in my SUV driving the streets of Houston to one of their extracurriculars and hoping like heck Google Maps knows where it’s going 😉 Family time is very important to me and our days are hectic and full. If I’m not doing any of the above, I’ll be in drinking wine with my husband or in the bathtub reading a good romance (a yummy candle is a must!).


A la Twitter style, please describe your book in 140 characters or less.

Love hides in the most surprising places: right under your nose, and sometimes, in the nanny’s tour bus bunk #FallingForYourBestFriend #Oops


What types of scenes are your most favorite to write?

I’ve recently discovered that I LOVE writing scenes where the heroine is slightly tipsy lol. It’s so much fun to see how my characters act, what they think, and definitely the things they say, where their guards are down and their confidence is high. Hilarious settings and situations are a definite plus.


How long have you been writing, and what (or who) inspired you to start?

In some ways, I’ve always been a writer, but I never finished a story or ever considered it a potential career until about seven years ago. My husband bought me the Twilight books and I fell back in love with reading—and I read so much and talked my husband’s ear off so much that he suggested I try writing a book, too. It was summer break for our home school and my girls were very young, so I thought I’d give it a shot. I threw myself into research, studied my favorite books and read every blog post on writing from my favorite authors, and by August of 2010, I started what would later become The Fine Art of Pretending, one of my YA contemporary romances. I finished that by Thanksgiving, started My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century by January, and that book released the following year. In 2012, my fabulous editor at Entangled suggested I try writing an adult romance for a new imprint that she was launching, and I’ve been having a blast writing both ever since.


Is anything in your book based on real life experiences or purely all imagination?

Every book I write has some borrowed real life experience, and every character I create has a piece of me. Hannah’s love of silly made-up songs is totally me (I even put in one of my children’s favorites about muffins in the book, ha!), and I used my own memories with my kids for all things nanny. But the biggest experience that I borrowed for the book is probably a particularly epic moment that happens after Deacon and Hannah’s first kiss! I won’t spoil anything by giving it away, but let’s just say what happens after that is a hodge-podge of TWO epic/embarrassing moments that happened in my own life. Hey, what good is it being an author if you can’t write-in your most more.


New York Times bestselling author Rachel Harris writes humorous love stories about sassy girls-next-door and the hot guys that make them swoon. Vibrant settings, witty banter, and strong relationships are a staple in each of her books…and kissing. Lots of kissing. 

An admitted bookaholic and homeschool mom, she gets through each day by laughing at herself, hugging her kids, and watching way too much Food Network with her husband. She writes young adult, new adult, and adult romances, and LOVES talking with readers!