All Time Favorite Couples Giveaway!

Did you vote for your All Time Favorite Couple in the poll sponsored by Shh Mom’s Reading, Stick Girl Book Review and myself – Becca the Bibliophile. Well, the Top 20 have been revealed – kind of. Can you guess who came in what place?  Watch this video to take a guess!

Don’t forget to enter to win below!!

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19 thoughts on “All Time Favorite Couples Giveaway!

  1. Fantastic Becca! I loved it! Layla and Jared are thrilled to make it in and I love their little section! I grinned all the way through naming couples myself! Gosh I am a bookaholic!!! Seeing Jack f*#kin Carter made my heart flutter!

    Marie Coulson


  2. Aww Thanks Marie! I loved making the video. Having spent the whole day looking for the perfect pictures, I fell in love with these books all over again. I feel a major re-read coming! I was happy to see Jared and Layla on the list – but shh don't tell Jared but I am TEAM OLLIE 🙂 Would love to work with you soon…drop me a line and maybe we can plan something together soon. ❤


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