Harmless by Nicole Edwards

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 The final book in this HOT MM Romance!Check out the rest of the Pier 70 Series!


Roan Gregory should have known when he met Colton Seguien and he described himself as “Harmless”, Seg would be anything but harmless to his heart.

Roan is tired of being lonely. All of his friends seem to have found love. Is it to much to ask that he have someone who would look after him for once. Roan has been carrying around a secret and keeping it from his friends is putting a strain on not only himself but those that love him too. Drowning himself in a few beers one night, he does a double take when Colton “Seg” Seguien, a hockey player with the Austin Arrows, approaches him and offers up a night of no strings attached sex. Confused thinking that Seg is straight, he finds he doesn’t really care. He just needs the release and someone to find worth in him, if only for a night.

The past 14 months, Seg hasn’t stopped thinking of the guy who changed his world. He’s always known that he was gay, but has had to stay in the closet due to his job. Gay hockey players aren’t at the top of fan’s lists. So when he runs into Roan after a game, he needs to do whatever it takes to get the sexy man back into his bed.

The chemistry is through the roof with Seg and Roan. But each of them has secrets that would put a strain on any relationship. Can both men learn to let go and trust in each other and the strong feeling they have for one another? Or will they both end up lost to their secrets with no one to help them navigate the storms?

I really loved Roan and Seg. I think Harmless is my favorite book out of the series. I absolutely adore Nicole and the world she weaves with her characters. Definitely a great read and I would highly recommend this book and this series!

Check out the rest of the Pier 70 Series




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