Styled by Piper Lawson

StyledEbookCoverNEWI have a type. Tall. Blond. Sarcastic. Awkward as hell.

That’s right, my type is me. Because I’m better off spending my time alone than with a guy.

Which doesn’t matter since this month, I’m on an open-ended ticket to LA to find a new boutique for TRAVESTY. Not to find a rebound for the breakup that blew my mind. I’m ready to forget all about dicks.

Too bad Ethan Cameron sinks that dream before I get on the plane.

The SoCal realtor might be my business partner’s older brother, but he’s the wrong guy to help us out. Ethan’s arrogant and self-centred, with a dentist’s wet dream smile and pecs that might have their own hashtag. More girls pass through the backseat of his car than through the doors of our SoHo boutique.

He’s also wrong for me. And the more he thinks he knows me, the more I need to prove he doesn’t.

But I can’t ignore the fact that I need Ethan’s help finding a boutique to put TRAVESTY on the map. And no one knows LA style like Ethan.

I survived private school. Growing up with one parent. Dating a gay guy. I can survive one month with Ethan Cameron.




This was the first book in this series that I read and it can totally be read as a standalone. I loved Ethan and Jordan. They are opposites that fit so well together. Piper’s witty writing making this a fun book to read.

Jordan is going to Los Angeles in order to scope out retail space for the new store her and her partners are planning on opening in the Fall.

Ethan is the big brother to her partner Ava. Ethan is a realtor and will be helping Jordan to find the right space and in return, Jordan is showing Ethan how to live life by slowing down and taking a look at everything around him.

These two, the banter is fun and flirty. You automatically swoon when meeting Ethan. He’s your typical Southern California party boy. He catches the eye of every girl who comes within seeing distance of him. Movie star quality looks and the friends that go along with it. Jordan is a little bit of a brainiac. She’s smart and fun, witty and knows what she likes. The chemistry between these two are off the charts. Jordan knows that she should stay away from Ethan. She knows he’s the type of guy that will end up breaking her heart, but Ethan turns on the charm and becomes so irresistible. Jordan is only there for a few weeks, so what could it hurt to give in and have a little fun with the gorgeous Ethan.

Like I said, I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait to go back and read the rest in the series.



I read and write stories where the girls aren’t doormats, the guys aren’t assholes, and secondary characters aren’t second-class citizens.

A card-carrying millennial, I have two business degrees and zero hope of starting a fashion label.

I crave quirk the way some people crave kink, and believe life is too short not to do what—and who—you love.

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